Pangeanic’s automated typesetting videos


All modern desktop publishing (DTP) programs use an architecture which is related to web publishing. Many share similar features. This architecture is based on the advantages that standard data layout brings in the shape of xml-compliant text data boxes.

All these data boxes can be parsed automatically and full text boxes extracted to a format which can be read and worked to offer a bilingual version. Once the translation is completed, code is stripped and the text box can be imported back into the template, replacing the original automatically. This leaves to humans the human quality touch, making text boxes fit in the most attractive way to the human eye.

Costs for multilingual publishing on paper or web can be cut dramatically.

Let machines do the hard work, let humans add the human touch ... and save thousands!

Automated typesetting for fast publishing

The above links will download videos that are a short sample of the filtering capabilities which allow us to take any design work, read and extract text boxes in xml-friendly format, translate them and place them back in place.

The process is fast, efficient and has been tested over the years for manual, catalogue and web publishing by Pangeanic’s team.